What Types of Guests Need 

Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties

Assume, for example, that you are already familiar with Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties and are considering making an investment there rather than in high-rise apartments. If so, you most certainly already know that there are several kinds of Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties and that the investment has specifics, such the kinds of guests you can expect. Well done! You are totally correct to do more study on your guests, as they will be the ones making the money and will probably value a facility designed specifically for them.

In light of this, you should make an effort to comprehend the demographics of the visitors, the area, and the kind of market that is most likely to be seeking for STR Properties. Why is a reservation required for a stay in your STR Properties? Who will they become? Which visitors require room service? By outlining a few guest profiles and their requirements, this article will assist you in answering these issues.

So, who would stay with me and what kinds of guests require Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties?


Contractors come to mind when we think about Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties because they are the most common kind of guests. While contractors frequently simply need the bare minimum at a house and seek for longer stays, different groups may have different needs. For example, some contractor clients who live overseas might desire to occupy the flat full-time for a set amount of time. Nonetheless, most businesses simply request that they remain throughout the workweek, which runs from Monday through Friday.

This group of visitors also has a range of reservation methods. Contractors typically operate in groups, and occasionally the group manager or the office may want to make reservations for everyone in the group. On the other hand, the majority of contractors would probably prefer hassle-free reservations and handle everything themselves.

Contractors typically have a limited range of needs. This includes having as many bathrooms, rooms, or beds as you can, a tidy home, a convenient location, parking spaces, and a minimum of two persons per bedroom. Naturally, having a large number of beds and rooms is not a must, as groups can differ substantially. For example, you might need to accommodate a small English group of two or a larger international team staying for several months.

Demand for contractors

Large corporations in many English communities are currently engaged in ongoing infrastructure projects that call for skilled laborers and contractors. These are building projects that demand for a variety of experts, such builders, engineers, and electricians, who aren't usually available locally.

As a result, contractors are being employed for seasonal labor from outside the towns and even from overseas. They typically work Monday through Friday, as we previously stated, with some staying on site and the others returning home on the weekends.

It's easy to understand why they frequently opt to hire a Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties rather than a hotel. They seek a sense of belonging. Because many STR Properties visitors remain on-site for several months at a time, they want to be at ease and worry-free. In addition to being more costly over time, hotels may not offer as much privacy, room, or amenities as serviced apartments do. Having a kitchen and a living area to hang out in with bigger parties is preferred by those who choose for self-allocation (which also saves money).

Naturally, as the landlord, you will furnish the area comfortably. However, these visiting parties won't require any special interior design, for instance. Thus, you shouldn't be concerned about exorbitant expenses for outfitting or readying the property.

Corporate guests

Visitors from corporations are a lot like contractors. If they are traveling from overseas, they have the option to book in groups or individually, for a weeklong stay as well as weekend stays. Additionally, the prerequisites are somewhat comparable. You should provide some workspace in addition to the rooms, amenities, and cleanliness. One way to do this is to set aside a space in the living room with a desk or, in the event that there is a spare room, establish a collaborative area for the teams to use.

Demand for corporate guests

Corporate guests are always in great demand, much like contractors. For instance, businesses in the infrastructure, technology, and healthcare sectors are often employing experts from other fields. Local teams frequently require the assistance and knowledge of different national and international experts. These visitors typically favor STR Properties over hotels because they're looking for a more private and relaxing space. Additionally, STR Properties gives them greater space to work on projects. They can work "from home" on occasion, so having an apartment with a workspace and all the amenities is ideal for them.

Leisure guests

Another well-liked demographic of travelers seeking for serviced rooms is this one. Although they are leisure travelers, these guests have distinct needs than those of hotel guests. The majority of leisure visitors to STR Properties are groups of three to ten individuals who need greater solitude and space. They need to be entertained and comfortable at the same time. The majority of the visitors in this category are friends or family traveling together.

Demand for leisure guests

If you are worried that your property will not attract this type of guest because of the location, don’t be. Although leisure guests can visit for typical travel purposes, such as tourism, they also come to visit their families. Events such weddings, graduations, family meetings are the main reasons. Because of that, they often book on weekends and bank holidays.

Why wouldn’t they choose a hotel? You may be asking again. Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties is cheaper and much more convenient, and people are starting to realise that, making it an extremely promising investment. Leisure guests booking an STR don’t need a luxury place, but they want to enjoy where they are staying.


Do you still believe that travelers favor hotels? That shouldn't scare you off if starting your SA business still worries you! Booking practices are evolving, and STR is growing in popularity and attractiveness to a wider range of consumers, particularly the aforementioned. Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties is an excellent investment option if you are aware of this emerging industry and your target market.

Please let us know if you would still like further information about possible visitors! With this issue as well as anything else pertaining to Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties investment, we can assist you. Reach out to us at any moment! We can talk about your requirements and assist you in making a final decision about how to launch your own Short Term Rental & Vacation Rental Properties company.